Vintage Murano Cobalt Blue Glass with silver overlay decanter and 6 glasses
  • Vintage Murano Cobalt Blue Glass with silver overlay decanter and 6 glasses

    This is a striking, vintage, Venetian, cobalt blue glass decanter and stopper with six matching shot/liqueur glasses. There is beautiful silver overlay detail and Venetian scenes on each item of the set. These include views of St Mark's square from the canal and a gondola - you can see the different images in the photos. The silver overlay looks fabulous against the gorgeous, cobalt blue coloured, glass.


    These decanter sets were often created as souvenir pieces on Murano, an island close to Venice, famous for its high-quality glassware. There are varying dates attributed to these sets, some as early as the 1920s through to the 1960s. We are unsure of the date of this particular set, as they have no markings, as is the case with much of this type of glassware.


    As you would expect from a vintage, mid century, or earlier, set, the silver overlay does show signs of wear and patination/tarnish. However, we don't feel this in any way diminishes its beauty and style, rather it adds to its history and character. There is one glass, which has more wear to the silver overlay than the others - obviously someone's favourite glass!  There are no chips or cracks in the glass.  On the rim of a couple of the glasses, and on the decanter rim, there is a slightly raised area, but this happened in the manufacturing process - as they are smooth and covered by the silver overlay - so not due to any damage.  We have given the set a very light cleaning and have not polished it with any silver cleaning product.
    We think this is a very classy set - perfect for enjoying your tipple of choice!